Weekly menu: 27 September – 1 October 2021

Monday: 27 September 

Creamy Italian Chicken Pasta: Tomato, cream and fresh basil combined with chicken. Served over pasta with side parmesan cheese
Parmesan spring chicken: Crumbed chicken breast with panko, lemon and
parmesan with sauteed potatoes, peas and spinach
Steak Diane: Thinly sliced steak with a buttery rich sauce with mushrooms served with mash, green beans and cauliflower
Pork schnitzel: Served with mash potatoes, braised cabbage and carrots. Topped with a fried egg and lemon
Sweet n sour pork: A colorful combination of tender meat, crunchy vegetables and tangy pineapple. Served with savoury rice
Soups: Chicken noodle soup
Homemade bread: Plain or Herb (R25)
(V) Vegetable pasta: Tomato, basil, thyme and cream over pasta

Tuesday: 28 September
Grilled Pork chop: Served with sauteed potatoes, broccoli and cinnamon pumpkin
Thai chicken stir fry: With noodles and stir fry veg
Mac n cheese topped with grilled tomato

Wednesday: 29 September
Meatloaf wrapped in bacon: Served with mash, gravy, peas and cauliflower
Chicken schnitzel: Topped with cheese sauce served with baby potatoes, peas and carrots
Pork Bangers and mash: Served with mash, gravy, peas and carrots
Chicken Curry: With rice, garden peas and side sambal
Chicken casserole: With rice
Spaghetti bolognaise with side parmesan cheese
Soups: Butternut soup
Homemade bread: Plain or Herb (R25)
(V) Crumbed baby marrows: Served with sauteed spinach, potatoes and a few peas. With a side of basil mayo dipping sauce

Thurday: 30 September
Traditional Roast Chicken: Dressed with parsely, sage, rosemary and thyme served minted peas, cauliflower and cheese sauce and steamed rice with gravy
Braised Beef: With onions, carrots and celerly, peppers and a few mushrooms in a rich brown gravy served with with mash, green beans and cinnamon roasted pumpkin

Friday: 1 October
Cold meats and salad: Selection of cold meats, greek salad, pasta salad and side beetroot salad
Grilled Pork chop: Served with mash, broccoli and cinnamon butternut
Cottage pie with side garden peas
Beef and Black bean: served with Asian style veggies and rice
Grilled Line fish: Served with  lemon garlic butter, savoury rice and veg medley
Normal portion: R90 // Ladies: R70 // Family: R250
Grilled Steak: Topped with herb garlic butter. Served with chips, butternut and green beans Normal portion: R120 // Ladies: R80 // Family: R250
(V) Bake potato: Topped with grilled veggies and cheese then oven baked