Weekly Menu: 11-15 Jan 2021

Monday: 11 January

Spring Chicken: with sauteed potatoes, broccoli and butternut
Chicken Schnitzel: Topped with cheese sauce, carrots and broccoli
Beef Curry: Served with yellow rice, baby marrows and side sambal
Beef Stroganoff with garlic mash potatoes, sauteed baby marrows with peppers, onions and cabbage
Chicken Pasta: Basil, Butternut, Cherry tomatoes and Tarragon with soya and chicken broth over spaghetti pasta and topped with shaved parmesan cheese.
(V) Crumbed baby marrows: with sauteed potatoes, broccoli and butternut

Tuesday: 12 January
Babootie with yellow rice, sambal and cinnamon butternut

Wednesday: 13 January
Gourmet Mac n cheese: creamy cheese sauce with peppers, corn, onions and cheese
Chicken stew: Served with rice, baby marrows and butternut
Chicken Marsala: Chicken breast butter flied, pan fried mushrooms and white wine. Served with sautéed potatoes and gem squash.
Beef ragu: with mash, sauteed spinach and Garden peas
Parmesan Chicken: Chicken Breast, crumbed with panko crumbs and parmesan cheese then pan fried, topped with an herby tomato sauce and oven baked with cheese. Served with with baby potatoes, carrots and pumpkin
Arrabiatta Pasta: Bacon, tomato, cream and chilli pasta with a few herbs, served over ribbon pasta
(V) Lentil and mushroom shepards pie

Thurday: 14 January
Parmesan Spring Chicken with sauteed potatoes, sauteed spinach and pumpkin

Friday: 15 January
Chicken Adobo: A Chicken breast rubbed with lemon, then marinated with vinegar, soya, garlic and a touch of ginger. Pan fried until lightly caramelised on the outside, then simmered in chicken stock, with mixed seasonal veggies. Served with egg fried rice.
Traditional Chicken breyani
Chicken a la King: Chicken breast in a creamy sauce with mushrooms, bell peppers and peas. Served with rice, broccoli and carrots
Steak Marsala: Served with mash, sauteed spinach and butternut
Grilled Linefish: Served with savoury rice, lemon butter, broccoli and butternut
Normal portion: R90 // Ladies: R70 // Family: R250
(V) Vegetable curry with basmati rice and vegetable medley