Weekly Menu: 4-8 January 2021

Here’s to 2021, and hoping that this year, more than any other new year, will fulfill not just our hopes and dreams, but will give us that chance to live life again as we know it. We hope for us all to see our loved ones again without any imposed rules and regulations… to celebrate and gather without counting numbers, to see faces and expressions, to once again go on a carefree holiday, and to finally be able to put masks behind us. We wish for normalcy again; something that will still certainly take time, but let this year be our new beginning ❤️
Wishing all of you hope, love, peace, and togetherness for 2021 and beyond.

Monday: 4 January

Benji Butter Chicken: with basmati rice, peas and carrots with a side sambal
Chicken Schnitzel: Topped with cheese sauce, carrots and broccoli
Beef Lasagne
Thai Chicken curry: Served with basmati rice, baby marrows and cauliflower
Spaghetti Bolognaise with side parmesan
Chicken fingers and chips
(V) Lentil and mushroom shepards pie

Tuesday: 5 January
Closed to restock

Wednesday: 6 January
Cottage pie: with garden peas
Lukey’s Lemone chicken: Served with lemon potatoes, peas and carrots
Chicken Curry with basmati rice, peas and carrots
Sauteed blackbean beef stir fry: with stir fry veg over penne pasta
Chicken broccoli bake: with rice and garden peas
Braised Beef with mash, broccoli and butternut
(V) Spinach and mushroom quiche: with savoury rice and veg medley

Thurday: 7 January
Closed to restock

Friday: 8 January
Bacon and cheese burger: with chips
Alfredo pasta: Creamy sauce with mushrooms and ham with penne pasta. Served with side parmesan
Hannah Chicken: Chicken breast topped with ham and mushrooms then topped with cheese and grilled in the oven. Served with sauteed potatoes with spinach and peas
Grilled Linefish: Served with savoury rice, lemon butter, broccoli and butternut
Normal portion: R90 // Ladies: R70 // Family: R250
Craving meal: Let us know what you been craving to eat and we can try make it
(unfortunately no ribs around)
(V) Chickpea curry with basmati rice and vegetable medley