Weekly Menu: 14-18 Dec 2020

NEW House Menu:
Can be ordered a la carte every
(Mon, Wednessday or Friday)

Beef Stroganoff with mash and veg
Benji Butter Chicken with rice, peas and carrots
Hannah Chicken with sauteed potatoes & veg

Monday: 14 December

Spaghetti bolognaise: with side parmesan
Chicken Korma: Mild with chicken breast pieces, served with basmati rice and side sambal
Tomato breedie: Served with mash, carrots, and garden peas
BBQ chicken breast: Served with couscous and veg medley
Chicken casserole: Served with rice, baby marrows and broccoli
BBQ chicken breast: Served with a Cherry Tomato Couscous Salad
NEW: Traditional Greek Salad R60
A classic salad recipe, with tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, feta cheese and olives
(V) Mushroom stroganoff with herb infused basmati rice
(Vegan) Chickpea, cabbage and lentil curry with basmati rice
Soups: Butternut soup OR Chicken soup
Homemade bread: Plain or Herb (R25)

Tuesday: 15 December
Closed to restock

Wednesday: 16 December
Chicken Stroganoff: with basmati rice, green beans and butternut
Saltimbocca: Thin strips of beef dusted in flour then pan fried with butter, garlic, mushrooms, red wine, brandy, mustard and cream. Topped with ham and cheese then oven baked. Served with mash, garden peas and carrots
Asian Pork stir fry: With noodles and stir fry veggies
Cottage pie: with garden peas
Parmesan spring chicken: Crumbed chicken breast with panko, lemon and parmesan. Served with sauteed potatoes, peas and spinach
Mac n cheese with bacon
(V) Stuffed baked sweet potato topped with butternut, mozzerella and fresh herbs. Served with green beans and cauliflower
(Vegan) Lentil and mushroom shepards pie
Soups:  Chicken Veg OR Veg minestrone
Homemade bread: Plain or Herb (R25)

Thurday: 17 December
Closed to restock

Friday: 18 December
Lemone chicken: Served with lemon roast potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower
Chicken cashew nut stir fry: served with veggies and noodles
Brown beef casserole: with mash and country veg
Indian Meatball curry: Served with side parmesan
Chicken fingers and chips
Grilled Steak:  Served with butternut, sauteed green beans and chips
Normal portion: R110 // Ladies: R80 // Family: R260
Grilled Linefish: Served with chips, lemon butter, peas and carrots
Normal portion: R90 // Ladies: R70 // Family: R250
(V) Chickpea and Veg curry with basmati rice
(Vegan) Tomato and Veg pasta