Weekly menu: 20-24 July 2020

Monday: 20 July

  • Cottage pie with side garden peas
    Tikka Steak masala with mash, butternut and baby marrows
    Thai chicken curry with basmati rice, peas and cauliflower
    Chicken schnitzel topped with cheese sauce, cauliflower, baby marrows and baby potatoes
    Roast chicken served with roast potatoes, gravy, garden peas and carrots
    Penne bake – bologanaise and creamy sauce baked
    Chicken parmesan with mash, garden peas and brocolli
    Beef curry with yellow rice, garden peas and pumpkin
    (V) Ratatouille sauce over spaghetti 
    Soups: Chicken and noodle soup OR Minestrone Soup
    500ml R40 // 1L R80
    Homemade mini breads (herb or plain) R25 each
  • Tuesday: 21 July
    Closed to restock
  • Wednesday: 22 July
  • • Chicken breyani
    Beef ragu with mash, broccoli and butternut
    BBQ chicken breast with couscous and roasted veg
    Chicken casserole with rice, baby marrows and carrots
    Pork bangers and mash with butternut and broccoli
    Spaghetti bolognaise with side of parmesan
    Bake potato topped with savoury mince and cheese with baby marrows and cauliflower
    (V) Eggplant parmesan served with roast potatoes, broccoli and cauliflower 
    Soups: Chicken and veg soup OR Winter Veg soup
    500ml R40 // 1L R80
    Homemade mini breads (herb or plain) R25 each
  • Thurday: 23 July
    Closed to restock
  • Friday: 24 July

Cafe du Pari: A grilled sirloin steak – medallions of herb, garlic and mustard butter. Served with pan fried onions, butter, mushrooms and served with cauliflower, butternut and chips Normal portion R110 // Ladies R80 // Family R260
Chefs special: Flambe pepper fillet – Beef Fillet rolled in black peppers, pan fried in sizzling hot butter with Madagascan green peppercorns and a touch of brandy and cream – served with butternut and brocolli and a bake potato with sour cream chives  R120
 Lemone chicken with lemon potatoes, butternut and green beans
 Grilled Line fish – Pan fried line fish served with lemon garlic butter, savoury rice, butternut and broccoli Normal portion R90 // Ladies R70 // Family R250
 Alfredo pasta with side parmesan
 (V) Lentil and mushroom shepards pie