Weekly Menu 6-10 APRIL 2020

Weekly menu 6-10 April 2020

We can either do a daily meal Monday to Friday or make up sets of box meals on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday. We have small team who have moved in with us so we are in lock down and safe.

Monday: 6th April
• Chicken alfredo with mushrooms in a creamy sauce
• Beef & peppers slow cooked in a tomato sauce
• Curried mince with yellow rice and vetkoek
• Sweet ‘n sour sauteed pork stir-fry with rice
• Chicken schnitzel with cheese sauce
(V) Thai style coconut veggie curry with basmati rice
(V) Sweet potato, chickpea and veg curry

Tuesday: 7th April
– Closed to restock –

Wednesday: 8th April
• Spaghetti bolognaise
• Meatloaf with mash, gravy and butternut
• Mac n cheese with ham, white wine and garlic (V) Mac n cheese with mushrooms and spinach
• Chicken schnitzel with greenbean hash, pumpkin
• Chicken stroganoff with rice, butternut and peas
• Cottage pie with garden peas
• BBQ chicken breast, Tri roasted veg with couscous

Thurday: 9th April
– Closed to restock –

Friday: 10th April
• Hungarian goulash with rice, squash and butternut
• Pork stir fry with red chillies and noodles
• Chicken schnitzel with roast potatoes, cauli and peas
• Lemone chicken with mash, green beans and pumpkin
• Braised mince with savoury rice and rice
(V) Ratatouille with brown rice and quinnoa
• Pasta bowl with basil, garlic, parmesan, olive oil, chilli flakes, cherry tomatoes tossed over linguini