Weekly Menu: 6-12 January 2020

We hope that Everyone had a great holiday and enjoying the time with family. We start tomorrow and feel well rested, now ready to start serving great meals for 2020.

See below the Menu for JANUARY 2020, home made fresh meals with lots of love.
The Calendar menu has a set meal everyday. If you don’t feel like say ‘Beef Stroganoff’ on Tuesday the 7th, you can replace from our HOUSE MENU meals (which are available Monday to Friday).

Remember we do Salads too now with Summer here 🙂

This is our ORDERS NUMBER: 082 603 3518 – Its setup for Whattapp and Messenger:) Darren and Sarah can still be contacted on our lines, just so you know:)

Meals ordered on the day: one can order until 12pm, we ask for meals from the House Menu (see below) to be in by 10am – as you are able to order a different meal from the House menu.

Weekly Menu: 6-12 January 2020

MONDAY 6 January
Normal: Parmesan Spring Chicken – The parmesan and panko crumbs coating gives a great crunch, and the meat inside stays tender. Chicken served with potatoes, garden peas and spinach.
Low-Carb: Grilled Chicken parmesan with green beans, spinach and sweet potato.
Vegetarian: Parmesan Spring Eggplant  – served with potatoes, garden peas and spinach.

TUESDAY 7 January
Normal: Beef Stroganoff – soft beef in a delicious creamy sauce with mushrooms, then served with mash, butternut and baby marrows.
Low-Carb: Served with brown rice, butternut and baby marrows
Vegetarian: Mushroom Stroganoff served with mash, butternut and garden peas.

Normal: Spaghetti bolognaise – a regular favourite served with a side parmesan cheese.
Low-Carb: Sweet Potato Bolognaise bake served with side house salad topped with Danish feta
Vegetarian: Vegetarian bolognaise – medley of veg in a tomato sauce over spaghetti

BOX MEAL WED: Stock up your fridges with yummy meals.
Custom make your box meals from the below list: Normal, Ladies and Kiddies sizes
Chicken Lemone
Beef Curry
Chicken Schnitzel
Penne a la Vodka
Beef Stroganoff
Spaghetti bolognaise
Thai chicken curry
Alfredo Pasta

THURSDAY 9 January
Normal: Chicken schnitzel – A family favourite that’s served with baby roasted potatoes with parsley and garlic butter, cauliflower and pumpkin. Served with cheese sauce.
Low-Carb: Grilled chicken breast with roasted sweet potato, pumpkin and broccoli with a side cheese sauce.
Vegetarian: Eggplant parmesan – Eggplant crumbed and oven baked with homemade tomato sauce and cheese. Served with baby potatoes, cauliflower and pumpkin.

FRIDAY 10 January
Normal: Seasame meatballs – You’re going to love these tender, flavourful meatballs topped with seasame seeds and served with basmati rice, steamed green beans and braised cabbage.
Low-Carb: Served with brown rice, steamed green beans and braised cabbage.
Vegetarian: Cauliflower and cheddar balls – served with basmati rice, steamed green beans and braised cabbage. With a side of sweet chilli sauce.

SATURDAY 11 January
Normal: Carbonara Pasta – Ham, mushroom & bacon in a creamy herb, garlic & white wine sauce, served over pasta.
Gluten Free: Served with gluten free penne pasta
Low-Carb:  Served with baby marrow & carrot strings.
Vegetarian: Spinach & Mushroom – in a creamy herb, garlic & white wine sauce, served over pasta.

SUNDAY 12 January
Normal: Roast Beef – slow cooked from early in the morning and served with rice, roast potatoes, vegetable medley and slow cooked gravy
Vegetarian: Medley of roasted veggies – served with rice, peas and butternut



House Menu

(choice of Mash, rice, roast potato’s with Veg of the day)

Chicken Marsala R70 (with vat R80.50)
A chicken breast braised with button mushrooms, country mustard, and Marsala wine. Served in a buttery Marsala sauce with mushrooms.
Chicken Schnitzel R70 (with vat R80.50)
Topped with cheese sauce and served with vegetable and starch of the day.
Chicken or Beef Curry R70 (with vat R80.50)
Served with rice and sambal salad.
Cottage Pie R70 (with vat R80.50)
Lean beef sautéed with onions, carrots and celery in a brown gravy. Topped with mash potato and oven baked.
Beef Stroganoff R75 (with vat R86.25)
Sautéed tender beef strips served in a sour cream and mushroom sauce
Lemone Chicken R75 (with vat R86.25)
Chicken breast cooked soft and tender in a buttery lemon broth
Butternut or Tomato Soup R40 (with vat R46)
Homemade breads R20 (with vat R23)

Kiddies Menu (R40 each) (with vat R46)
(V) Creamy Macaroni Cheese
Macaroni and cheese with ham and mushroom
Chicken Stew
Parmesan Chicken Fingers (5/6 per portion)
Bolognaise sauce with penne or spaghetti
Cottage Pie

Alfredo pasta sauce R70 (with vat R80.50)
Ham and mushrooms in a creamy cheese sauce over Penne
Bolognaise R70 (with vat R80.50)
Lean beef mince in a herby tomato sauce over spaghetti
(V) Neapolitan pasta sauce R65 (with vat R74.75)
Fresh tomato and basil in a herby tomato sauce with a touch of garlic and white wine. Served over penne.
Chicken Penne Ala Vodka R70 (with vat R80.50)
Penne pasta topped with a tomato, cream, parmesan and vodka sauce with grilled chicken breast pieces served with a side of parmesan

We have a full Vegan / Vegetarian Meals menu that we can send more info on.

This is our website: www.freedomfoodsck.co.za and the weekly menu goes up there every week.

Happy Eating!
Darren, Sarah and the Team

Meal Pricing:   Now with VAT of 15%    

  • Normal Meals R70 (with vat R80.50)
  • Low Carb R75 (with vat R86.25)
  • Kiddies R40 (with vat R46)
  • Elderly portion R50 (with vat R57.50)
  • Free Range – Normal: R90 // Ladies: R60 // Family portion: R240
  • Vegan R70 (with vat R80.50)
  • Soups R40 (with vat R46)
  • Salads R65  (with vat R74.75)
  • Family Style Normal R210 (To feed 2 adults / 2 kids) Large portion. (with vat R241.50)
  • Family Style Low Carb R220 (To feed 2 adults / 2 kids) Large portion. (with vat R253)

Box Meal Wednesday’s: For the Freezer / 10 meals per pack
Standard (R650) (with vat R747.50)
Standard LOW CARB (R680) (with vat R782)
Ladies (R450) (with vat R517.50)
Ladies LOW CARB (R480) (with vat R552) and
Kiddies (R400)  (with vat R460)
They can be altered to your meal preferences and all labeled and dated.
Stock up with our freezer meals to help with no dishes and cooking, our containers are microwaveable.
*Lactose, Gluten Free and Low Carb Meal are available

R15.00 per delivery for our local clients (T&C)
R25.00 for over the mountain – Deep South
R30.00 per delivery (Southern Suburbs)
Deliveries from 15:00 to 18:00
Collection from 15:30 to 18:30 or as arranged
Send us an email or contact us and we will confirm your order.

Contact Details
Office hours (8am to 6pm)
ORDERS Contact: 082 603 3518
Home: 021 785 7199
Darren Cell: 082 859 3714
Sarah Cell: 082 829 6208
NB: email or text to confirm orders please.

Monthly accounts by arrangement or EFT payment. Cash payments also welcome with delivery or pick-up.

Bank details:
Our new ABSA account details are: Freedom Foods Country Kitchen (PTY) LTD
Absa cheque account
Acc no.4096263301
Branch code 632005
Please use your name as reference

Thank you for your business