Weekly Menu: 28 October – 3 November 2019

Hello Everyone,

We hope you all having a nice weekend. The rain has been really wonderful and our pool is nice and full again.

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We will do the draw on Thursday lunch time.

See below the Menu for October 2019, home made fresh meals with lots of love. Please can you share our info with friends and family, its hard loosing clients to immigrating and the vat and we feel it a little these days:) We would be so grateful. Remember we custom make meals as you like to eat and preference and we have a House menu you can swop from.

On weekends with us being busy with functions and platters, we finding it harder to make meals from the House Menu, so we ask if you can keep to the meal on the day. Chat to us if you are needing something as we can try help.

This is our ORDERS NUMBER: 082 603 3518 – Its setup for Whattapp and Messenger:) Darren and Sarah can still be contacted on our lines, just so you know:)

Meals ordered on the day: one can order until 12pm, we ask for meals from the House Menu (see below) to be in by 10am – as you are able to order a different meal from the set menu below.

Weekly Menu: 28 October – 3 November 2019

MONDAY 28 October
Normal: Seasame meatballs with Asian slaw – You’re going to love these tender, flavourful meatballs topped with seasame seeds and served with Asian slaw and basmati rice
Low-Carb: Served with diced cauliflower rice and Asian slaw
Vegetarian: Tomato savoury rice meatballs – served with basmati rice and Asian slaw.

TUESDAY 29 October
Normal: NEW Parmesan Spring Chicken – Dish up an easy, delicious chicken dinner that’s full of spring flavours. The parmesan coating gives a satisfying crunch, and the meat inside stays tender. Chicken served with potatoes, garden peas and spinach.
Low-Carb: Grilled Chicken parmesan with green beans, spinach and sweet potato.
Vegetarian: Parmesan Spring Eggplant  – served with potatoes, garden peas and spinach.

WEDNESDAY 30 october
Normal: BBQ chicken breast with couscous – Chicken breast in a smokey BBQ basting sauce, served with couscous and roasted veggies
Low-Carb: Served with brown rice and roasted veg
Vegetarian: Vegetable Kebabs – flame grilled served with cherry tomatoes and mint salsa. Served with couscous and roasted veg

Box meal Wednesday list: Custom make your choice from these below to make up 10
Chicken  curry with rice and veg
Thai Chicken stir fry with basmati rice
BBQ chicken breast with couscous and roasted veg
Spaghetti bolognaise
Beef Ragu with mash and veg
Butter chicken with basmati rice
Penne a la vodka (no chicken)
Cottage Pie

THURSDAY 31 October
Normal: NEW Quiche and salad – Delicious homemade quiche with cheese and bacon. Served with a salad.
Low-Carb: Served with a salad.
Vegetarian: Vegetable quiche – Cheese and mushroom quiche served with a salad.

FRIDAY 1 November
Normal: Penne a la Vodka with Chicken – grilled chicken breast dressed with fresh herbs, served over penne pasta in a tomato vodka and cream sauce.
Low Carb: Grilled chicken breast with tomato vodka sauce, parmesan cheese and baby marrow and carrot strings.
Vegetarian: Penne a la Vodka – served with a side of parmesan cheese

SATURDAY 2 November
Normal: Beef cheese Burger – topped with cheese, caramelized onions and salad garnish on soft roll served with wedges
Low-Carb – Cheese burger with no bun, served with salad, vegetable medley and sweet potato wedges
Vegetarian: Veg burger – topped with cheese and a salad garnish on soft roll served with wedges

SUNDAY 3 November
Normal: Roast Beef served with rice, roast potatoes, vegetable medley and gravy
Vegetarian: Medley of roasted veggies – served with rice, peas and butternut