Weekly Menu: 22-28 July 2019

Hello Everyone,

Hoping you all had a great weekend, it was such a lovely warm winters day. We survived a very busy weekend, from early morning bacon and egg rolls to a stork party to two birthday celebrations!

Bangers and mash is on Monday a real favourite! We are back on track on Wed with our box meals, see the dishes below.

This week our Monthly clients will be getting their invoice, please can we ask you to settle as soon as you can as we want to pay salaries this week, thank you!
We have been going for 4 years and our tax consultant has brought it to our attention that we are needing to be VAT registered, we are nervous about this but its something that we really have to do, please do chat to us as we would love input from our wonderful clients.

See below the Menu for July 2019, home made fresh meals with lots of love.

Remember, with our soups we can make a delicious homemade ciabatta style bread to go with for R20 a loaf.

This is our ORDERS NUMBER: 082 603 3518 – Its setup for Whattapp and Messenger:) Darren and Sarah can still be contacted on our lines, just so you know:)

Meals ordered on the day: one can order until 12pm, we ask for meals from the House Menu (see below) to be in by 10am

Weekly Menu: 22-28 July 2019

MONDAY 22 July
Normal: Pork Bangers – with braised onions in a brown onion gravy served with mash, gravy, broccoli and gem squash.
Low-Carb: served with sweet potato mash, gem squash and broccoli.
Vegetarian: Vegan sausages – served with mash, gravy, broccoli and gem squash.

Normal: Sweet n sour chicken – served with basmati rice with veggies and a side of sweet ‘n sour sauce.
Low-Carb:  Served with diced cauliflower and veggies
Vegetarian: Cauliflower and sweet potato balls – served with basmati rice with veggies and a side of sweet ‘n sour sauce.

Normal: Arrabbiata bacon pasta – bacon, chilli, tomato and cream over penne. Served with a side of parmesan.
Low-Carb: Bolognaise sauce over baby marrow and carrot strings with a side of parmesan
Vegetarian: Chilli, tomato and mushroom – in a tomato herb sauce over penne pasta. Served with a side of parmesan.

Box meal Wednesday list: Custom make your choice from these below to make up 10
Beef  curry with rice and veg
Thai Chicken stir fry with basmati rice
Chicken schnitzel with roast potato’s, peas and broccoli
Spaghetti bolognaise
Arrabbiata Pasta
Beef stew with mash and veg
Butter chicken with basmati rice

Normal: Chicken schnitzel – A family favourite that’s served with baby roasted potatoes with parsley and garlic butter, butternut and garden peas. Served with cheese sauce.
Low-Carb: Grilled chicken breast with roasted sweet potato, butternut and broccoli with a side cheese sauce.
Vegetarian: Eggplant parmesan – Eggplant crumbed and oven baked with homemade tomato sauce and cheese. Served with baby potatoes, peas and butternut.

Normal: Steak Night – Aged steak with chunky chips, burnt broccoli and a few carrots.
Low-Carb – served with Roast sweet potato, broccoli and pumpkin
Vegetarian: Vegetable kebab – Served with rice and veggies

Normal: Penne bolognaise bake – served with garlic bread.
Low-Carb:  Cottage pie topped with sweet potato and gem squash
Vegetarian: Lentil and mushroom bake – with garlic bread.

Normal: Roast Greek Lamb – slow cooked from early in the morning and served with rice, roast potatoes, vegetable medley and slow cooked gravy
Vegetarian: Medley of roasted veggies – served with rice, peas and butternut