Weekly Menu: 5th – 11th November 2018

Weekly Menu: 5th – 11th November 2018

MONDAY 5th Nov
Normal: NEW Chicken Pie – Served with baby jacket potatoes with parsley & garlic butter. Summer veg medley (baby marrows, carrots, butternut & cauliflower).
Low-Carb/Gluten Free: Chicken Kebab – with brown rice & summer veg medley.
Vegetarian: Spinach & Mushroom Pie – served with summer veg & baby potatoes.

Normal: Italian Meatballs – served with spaghetti and a basil infused tomato sauce & a side of parmesan cheese.
Low-Carb: served with baby marrow & carrot strings
Vegetarian: Vegetarian Rice & Veg balls – served over spaghetti with a herby tomato sauce & side parmesan cheese.

Normal: Mongolian Beef & Broccoli – cooked with ginger, coriander, red chilli flakes & soya sauce. Served with savoury rice.
Low-Carb: Served with braised cabbage and sautéed mushrooms.
Vegetarian: Asian Style Veg Stir-Fry – cooked with ginger, garlic, soya and coriander, served with savoury rice.
BOX MEALS (choose from the House Menu to make up your selection)

Normal: NEW Crumbed Pork Chop – with balsamic caramelized onions, potato salad & steamed green beans.
Low-Carb: Grilled Pork Chop – served with roasted sweet potato, green beans & gem squash.
Vegetarian: Crumbed Eggplant – with balsamic caramelized onions, potato salad & green beans.

FRIDAY 9th Nov
Normal: Mac & Cheese – with bacon & mushrooms in a creamy sauce.
Low-Carb: Grilled Chicken breast – topped with bacon & mushrooms. Served with broccoli, butternut & side salad.
Vegetarian: Mac & Cheese – with tomatoes in a creamy sauce.

Normal: Cottage Pie – with peas & carrots
Low-Carb: Sweet Potato Cottage Pie – with green beans & cauliflower.
Vegetarian: Vegetarian Cottage Pie – with peas & carrots

SUNDAY 11th Nov
Normal: Roast Chicken – with rice, gravy, roast potato and vegetable medley.