Weekly Menu: 13 – 19 August 2018

Hello Everyone,

We hoping you all having a great weekend. Lovely having a little bit of rain:)

We look forward to serving you a awesome line up of meals this week, we have Chicken Pad Thai on Tuesday and Thurs is our Indian Meatball Curry!

Just a reminder for Platters and Events we need to have them booked 2/3 weeks before so we can roster our staff and make sure we have stock etc.

Below is some more info about the menu’s that we do on the different days. Wednesday’s are our Standard BOX MEAL DAYSChat to us if there are any specific meals you want to eat.

On Wednesday’s we do run a little later on deliveries and apologize for the inconvenience, we just have quiet a few over the mountain which is our 1st run.

We do TWO types of menu’s for the box meals, Normal Meals and Low Carb.
(Standard prices: R600 standard size meals / R400 ladies size meals)
(Low Carb prices: R650 standard size meals / R450 ladies size meals)

This weeks menu is: For both Low Carb and Normal meals, different sides for each version
Choose from below to make up 10 – (some you can double up on to make the 10)
Beef Casserole with steamed rice and butternut
Beef Stir-fry with linguini pasta
Spaghetti bolognaise
Carbonara Pasta over pasta screws
Chicken Schnitizel with roasted pumpkin, baby potato’s and garden peas and topped with cheese sauce bake
Chicken broccoli bake with savoury rice and steamed butternut
Roast chicken with rice, peas, carrots and a few potato’s
Butter Chicken with rice, sautéed baby marrows and carrots

Beef Casserole with diced cauliflower and butternut
Beef Stir-fry over stir-fry veggies
Spaghetti bolognaise over baby marrow and carrots strings
Carbonara Pasta over sautéed baby marrows and broccoli
Chicken Schnitizel with roasted pumpkin, baby sweet potato’s and garden peas and topped with cheese sauce bake
Chicken broccoli bake with diced cauliflower and steamed butternut
Roast chicken with gem squash, peas and carrots
Butter Chicken with sautéed baby marrows, cauliflower and carrots

*Any dish you have had before that you really liked we can try add

We have taken the banting version off the weekly breakdown and doing a Low Carb version (most of our clients are Low Carb, let us know if you want strictly banting though because we can still do the banting🙂

See below the calendar for AUGUST where we have done a daily meal planner to see what we are doing day by day. Remember you can order from the House Menu if you want something different to what is on the menu for the day.

Below is this weeks menu for the week. We love to cook and happy to help make your dinner time easier, more time for everything else. No dishes, no shopping, no running around… just a delicious nutritious meal for the family. We deliver to your home a freshly made meal on the day and can even organize a monthly bill to make it easier.

Remember you can order from the House Menu if you don’t feel like what we have on for the day. Meals ordered on the day: one can order until 1pm, we ask for meals not on the House Menu to be in by 10am.
We are making meals on Saturday and Sunday from the House Menu.

Our website is live too: www.freedomfoodsck.co.za and the weekly menu goes up there every week.

Happy Eating!
Darren, Sarah and the Team.

Weekly Menu: 13 – 19 August 2018

MONDAY 13th August
Standard: Steak Marsala Tenderized steak braised with onions, carrots and marsala seasoning served with cauliflower, garden peas and basmati rice.
Low Carb: Served with cauliflower rice, steamed broccoli and a few baby marrows and wiltered tomato’s.
Vegetarian: Grilled Eggplant – topped with marsala curry sauce served with steamed cauliflower, garden peas and basmati rice.

TUESDAY 14th August
Standard: Chicken Pad ThaiBecoming a firm favourite the Freedom Foods way. Thinly sliced chicken breast, fresh chillies, scrambled egg, green onions in a Pad Thai sauce topped with chopped roasted peanuts. Served over rice noodles.
Low Carb: Chicken Stir-fry – Cabbage, onions, spinach and green beans with coriander, ginger and soya sauce.
Vegetarian: Vegetarian Pad Thai over rice noodles.

WEDNESDAY 15th August
Standard: Carbonara Pasta – served over pasta screws.
Low Carb: Served with gem squash and sweet potato’s.
Vegetarian: Mushroom and Spinach Carbonara – served over pasta screws.

THURSDAY 16th August
Standard: Indian Meatball Curry – with basmati rice, butternut and broccoli. Served with a side sambal.
Low Carb: Served with braised baby marrows, cauliflower and butternut. Served with a side sambal.
Vegetarian: Coconut Veg Curry – with basmati rice, butternut and broccoli. Served with a side sambal.

FRIDAY 17th August
Standard: Prego Steak Roll – Age rump steak marinated with prego seasoning then flame grilled. Served with a Portuguese roll and chunky chips .
Low Carb: Grilled Rump steak served with a side salad and chunky roasted sweet potato wedges.
Vegetarian: Medley of Flame grilled veggies served with a side of chunky chips and a side of Prego sauce and a Portuguese roll.

SATURDAY 18th August
Standard: Napolitana Pasta – Steamed veggies in a homemade tomato cream sauce served over Penne pasta and a side of Parmesan cheese and a garlic roll.

SUNDAY 19th August (R70 Single portion, R50 Ladies/Pensioner – R210 Family portion)
Standard: Slow Roasted Topside Beef: Served with vegetable medley, roast potato, rice and gravy.
Vegetarian: Rice, oven roasted potato’s, Veg medley.