Weekly Menu: 30th April – 6th May 2018

Hello Everyone,
We hope you all having a good long weekend:) Darren and the Kids are out at the beach enjoying the sun and fishing, this is a great day after our hectic past week in the kitchen. Its unbelievable that we are heading into May already, the first quarter of 2018 gone.
Below is some more info about the menu’s that we do on the different days. Wednesday’s are now our Standard Box meal days. We also start with SOUPS this week:)
On Wednesday’s we do run a little later on deliveries and apologize for the inconvenience, we just have quiet a few over the mountain which is our 1st run. As we growing and taking on newer orders daily, we welcome our new families and know that we are trying our best to make life easier for you as we are proud parents to 3 little kiddies of our own and know how busy life is.
We do our BOX MEALS every Wednesday.
The Box meals are such a hit! In addition to our normal boxed meals we are doing many LOW CARB versions which are R450 a box – this is the Low Carb menu:
1 x Roast chicken with green beans, gem sqaush & butternut
1 x Cottage Pie topped with gem squash mash and accompanied with garden peas
1 x Pulled pork accompanied with baby marrows and carrots
1 x Chicken Marsala with sauteed spinach, green beans & gem squash
1 x Beef stroganoff with cauliflower, gems, cabbage
1 x Beef ragu with baby marries, green beans, gems
1 x Bolognaise sauce over baby marrow and carrot strings
1 x Butter chicken with spinach, green beans & gem squash
1 x Steak marsala with carrots, cabbage & cauliflower
1 x Hickory Chicken breast with gem sqaush, cauliflower and baby marrows
We have taken the banting version off the weekly breakdown and doing a Low Carb version (most of our clients are Low Carb, let us know if you want strictly banting though because we can still do the banting:)
See below the calendar for May where we have done a daily meal planner to see what we are doing day by day. Remember you can order from the House Menu if you want something different to what is on the menu for the day.
The Freezer meals come in 3 sizes: 10 meals per pack
Standard (R600)
Standard LOW CARB (R650)
Ladies (R400)
Ladies LOW CARB (R450) and
Kiddies (R350) they can be mixed and altered to your meal preferences and all labeled and dated. We have a range to choose from so just email or call and we can add you.
Stock up with our freezer meals to help with no dishes and cooking, our containers are microwaveable.
Below is this weeks menu for the week. We love to cook and happy to help make your dinner time easier, more time for everything else. Remember our R900 a week special for a family to eat Monday to Friday (no delivery fee for the South Peninsula) – No dishes, no shopping, no running around… just a delicious nutritious meal for the family. We deliver to your home a freshly made meal on the day and can even organize a monthly bill to make it easier.
Remember you can order from the House Menu if you don’t feel like what we have on for the day. Meals ordered on the day: one can order until 1pm, we ask for meals not on the House Menu to be in by 10am.
We are making meals on Saturday and Sunday from the House Menu.
Our website is live too: www.freedomfoodsck.co.za and the weekly menu goes up there every week.
Happy Eating!
Darren, Sarah and the Team.
Weekly Menu: 30th April – 6th May 2018
MONDAY 30th April
Standard: Butter soft Lemone Chicken – Chicken breast dusted in flour then pan fried with lemon juice and light chicken broth until buttery soft. Served with roasted potato’s rolled in lemon juice and oregano, cauliflower and broccoli.
Low Carb: Served with roasted lemon sweet potato’s, cauliflower and broccoli.
Vegetarian: Eggplant lemone – Served with roasted potato’s rolled in lemon juice and oregano, cauliflower and broccoli.
Standard: Cottage Pie – served with a few garden peas and carrots.
Low Carb: Cottage pie topped with gem squash and served with a few garden peas and carrots.
Vegetarian: Vegetable Casserole Cottage Pie served with a few garden peas and carrots.
Standard: Pulled Pork – Served with steamed rice, pumpkin and steamed green beans.
Low Carb: Served with pumkin, green beans and diced cauliflower.
Vegetarian: Vegetable Dahl served with steamed rice, pumpkin and steamed green beans.
NEW Soup: Roasted Cherry tomato with thyme and basil R40
Standard: Beef Lasagne – served with garlic bread.
Low Carb: Beef lasagne layered between butternut and spinach then topped with cheese sauce and oven baked. Served with a side salad
Vegetarian: Vegetable lasagne – served with garlic bread..
NEW Soup: Bacon, potato, corriander and cauliflower soup R40
FRIDAY 4th May
Standard: Beef Burger – Homemade beef burger with bacon and cheddar cheese. Served with chunky chips.
Low Carb: Served without the bun and sweet potato chips.
Vegetarian: Veggie Burger – Homemade Veggie burger. Served with chunky chips..
Standard: Arrabbiata Pasta over penne pasta – bacon, chilli and tomato with light cream and cheddar cheese.
Vegetarian: Arrabbiata Pasta without bacon
SUNDAY 6th May (R70 Single portion – R210 Family portion)
Roast Pork – with steamed vegetables, roast potato’s, rice and gravy.
Veg: Medley of vegetables oven roasted, served with roast potato’s and a side of cheese sauce.
Meal Pricing
• Normal Meals R65
• Banting / Low Carb R70
• Kiddies R35
• Elderly portion R45
• Free Range R75
• Vegan R70
• Soups R40
• Family Style Normal R190 (To feed 2 adults / 2 kids) Large portion.
• Family Style Banting or Free Range R210 (To feed 2 adults / 2 kids) Large portion.
• Student / For the freezer Meals R600 / R400 / R350 – 10 x meals ordered for one drop off.
Choose a variety from the House Menu – We need 48hrs for this order.
*Lactose, Gluten Free and Low Carb Meal are available
R15.00 per delivery for our local clients (T&C)
R25.00 for over the mountain – Deep South
R30.00 per delivery (Southern Suburbs)
Deliveries from 15:00 to 18:00
Collection from 15:30 to 18:30 or as arranged
Send us an email or contact us and we will confirm your order.
House menu
Chicken Marsala R65
A chicken breast braised with button mushrooms, country mustard, and Marsala wine. Served in a buttery Marsala sauce with mushrooms.
Chicken Schnitzel R70
Topped with mushroom sauce and served with vegetable and starch of the day.
Chicken Curry R65
Served with rice and sambal salad.
Cottage Pie R65
Lean beef sautéed with onions, carrots and celery in a brown gravy. Topped with mash potato and oven baked.
Kiddies Menu R35
(V) Creamy Macaroni Cheese
Macaroni and cheese with ham and mushroom
Chicken Stew
Parmesan Chicken Fingers (5/6 per portion)
Bolognaise sauce with penne or spaghetti
Cottage Pie
Alfredo pasta sauce R65
Ham and mushrooms in a creamy cheese sauce over Penne
Bolognaise R65
Lean beef mince in a herby tomato sauce over spaghetti
(V) Neapolitan pasta sauce R60
Fresh tomato and basil in a herby tomato sauce with a touch of garlic and white wine. Served over penne.
Chicken Caesar salad R60
(V) Greek salad R60
Contact Details
Office hours (7am to 6pm)
Home: 021 785 7199
Darren Cell: 082 859 3714
Sarah Cell: 082 829 6208
NB: email or text to confirm orders please.
Monthly accounts by arrangement or EFT payment. Cash payments also welcome with delivery or pick-up
Bank details:
DC Roberts, ABSA check account, 4068739649, Long Beach Mall branch
Please use your name as reference
Thank you for your business