Weekly Menu: 22nd – 28th January 2018

MONDAY 22nd January
Standard: Chicken Curry – Served with yellow rice, butternut, peas and sambal salad
Banting: Served with cauliflower rice, butternut and sambal salad.

TUESDAY 23rd January
Standard: Hungarian Beef Strogonoff – Beef with sour cream, brandy, mushrooms, cream and paprika. Served with mash and green beans
Banting: Served with sweet potato mash and green beans.

WEDNESDAY 24th January
Standard: Gourmet Mac n cheese with bacon, corn, coriander, tomato and extra cheese in a creamy sauce. Served with a side salad.
Banting: Made with diced cauliflower and broccoli in a cheesy sauce with bacon, tomato and coriander.

THURSDAY 25th January
Standard: Chicken Peri Peri (Portugese style) served with potato herb lemon wedges and baked cinnamon butternut.
Banting: Served with sweet potato wedges and baked cinnamon butternut.

FRIDAY 26th January R80 a portion / R200 Family Style / R40 Kids
Standard: Grilled Sirloin Steak 220gm served with a Madagascan green peppercorn sauce, thick cut chips, onion rings and burnt broccoli.
Banting: Served with butternut, sweet potato chips and a few pan fried onions with a side of broccoli.

SATURDAY 27th January
Bacon and mushroom risotto. Served with a salad

SUNDAY 28th December
Cornish Pie with mash, gravy and peas.

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