Weekly Menu 29 June – 3 July 2020

Monday: 29 June

• Steak masala with mash, butternut and peas
Cottage pie with a side carrots and garden peas
 Braised pork with onions, peppers and thyme. Served with sauteed potatoes and creamy spinach
 Beef curry with basmati rice, pumpkin and carrots
 Chicken schnitzel topped with cheese sauce, cauliflower, baby marrows and baby potatoes
 Chicken and vegetable stew served with rice
 (V) Lentil and mushroom cottage pie
 (V) Cabbage breedie and rice
 Soups: Beef and bean Veggie soup OR Minestrone Soup
500ml R40 // 1L R80

 Homemade mini breads (herb or plain) R25 each

Tuesday: 30 June
Closed to restock

Wednesday: 1 July

• Braised steak with onions, side rosti, broccoli and butternut
Crumbed pork schnitzel with sauteed potatoes, peppers, onions and braised cabbage
Chicken lemone served with roast potatoes, green beans and cauliflower
Spaghetti bolognaise served with side of parmesan
Asian chicken stir fry with basmati rice
Penne a la vodka with side of parmesan
(V) Sweet potato, butternut and lentil curry with rice and asian stir fry 
Soups: Chicken and veg soup OR Winter Veg soup
500ml R40 // 1L R80

Homemade mini breads (herb or plain) R25 each

Thurday: 2 July
Closed to restock

Friday: 3 July

Normal portion R130 // Ladies R90 // Family R360

 Grilled Steak (280g) with chips and veg 
Normal portion R100 // Ladies R70 // Family R250

 Line fish with savoury rice and veg medley
 Chicken parmesan with baby potatoes, pumpkin and green beans
 Mac n cheese