Weekly Menu: 23-29 March 2020

See the Menu for MARCH 2020 with some updates, home made fresh meals with lots of love.
The Calendar menu has a set meal everyday. If you don’t feel like say ‘Penne a la vodka’ on Wed the 18th, you can replace from our HOUSE MENU meals (which are available Monday to Friday – see below).

We have a NEW VEGAN menu below too.

This is our ORDERS NUMBER: 082 603 3518 – Its setup for Whattapp and Messenger:) Darren and Sarah can still be contacted on our lines, just so you know:)

Meals ordered on the day: one can order until 12pm, we ask for meals from the House Menu (see below) to be in by 10am – as you are able to order a different meal from the Calendar menu.

Weekly Menu: 23-29 March 2020

Normal: Alfredo Pasta – Ham and mushroom in a creamy herb, garlic & white wine sauce, served over pasta.
Gluten Free: Served with gluten free penne pasta
Low-Carb:  Served with cauliflower
Vegetarian: Spinach & Mushroom – in a creamy herb, garlic & white wine sauce, served over pasta.

Normal: Butter Chicken – served with basmati rice, garden peas and sweet carrots.
Low-Carb: Served with brown rice and steamed green beans
Vegetarian: Coconut veg curry – served with basmati rice, steamed green beans and sweet carrots.

Choose from the below Box meals selection

BOX MEAL WED: Stock up your fridges with yummy meals.
Custom make your box meals from the below list: Normal, Ladies and Kiddies sizes
Chicken Schnitzel
Cottage pie
Spaghetti bolognaise
Beef Stroganoff with mash
Asian chicken with stir-fry and noodles
Chicken casserole with rice and pumpkin
BBQ chicken breast with couscous and roasted veg
Pork bangers and mash
Alfredo pasta

Normal: Chicken Marsala – A chicken breast braised with button mushrooms, country mustard, and Marsala wine. Served in a buttery Marsala sauce with mushrooms. Served with rice, green beans and butternut.
Low Carb: served with sweet potato mash, green beans and butternut.
Vegetarian: Mushroom marsala served with rice, green beans and butternut.

Normal: Hawaiian Pork Chops – Grilled Pork chops marinated with apple cider, pine apple juice, coriander and red wine vinegar. Flame grilled topped with a pine-apple salsa, and served with braised cabbage and potato salad
Low-Carb – served with brown rice and roasted veggies
Vegetarian: Vegetable kebab – served with braised cabbage and potato salad.