House Menu

(choice of Mash, rice, roast potato’s with Veg of the day)

Chicken Marsala R70 (with vat R80.50)
A chicken breast braised with button mushrooms, country mustard, and Marsala wine. Served in a buttery Marsala sauce with mushrooms.
Chicken Schnitzel R70 (with vat R80.50)
Topped with cheese sauce and served with vegetable and starch of the day.
Chicken or Beef Curry R70 (with vat R80.50)
Served with rice and sambal salad.
Cottage Pie R70 (with vat R80.50)
Lean beef sautéed with onions, carrots and celery in a brown gravy. Topped with mash potato and oven baked.
Beef Stroganoff R75 (with vat R86.25)
Sautéed tender beef strips served in a sour cream and mushroom sauce
Lemone Chicken R75 (with vat R86.25)
Chicken breast cooked soft and tender in a buttery lemon broth
Butternut or Tomato Soup R40 (with vat R46)
Homemade breads R20 (with vat R23)

Kiddies Menu (R40 each) (with vat R46)
(V) Creamy Macaroni Cheese
Macaroni and cheese with ham and mushroom
Chicken Stew
Parmesan Chicken Fingers (5/6 per portion)
Bolognaise sauce with penne or spaghetti
Cottage Pie

Alfredo pasta sauce R70 (with vat R80.50)
Ham and mushrooms in a creamy cheese sauce over Penne
Bolognaise R70 (with vat R80.50)
Lean beef mince in a herby tomato sauce over spaghetti
(V) Neapolitan pasta sauce R65 (with vat R74.75)
Fresh tomato and basil in a herby tomato sauce with a touch of garlic and white wine. Served over penne.
Chicken Penne Ala Vodka R70 (with vat R80.50)
Penne pasta topped with a tomato, cream, parmesan and vodka sauce with grilled chicken breast pieces served with a side of parmesan